National Wildlife Control Training Program

Nuisance wildlife control is the art of wildlife damage management. Dealing with animal pests requires a complex understanding of what is causing the human-wildlife conflict in the first place. Wildlife damage management means managing the damage problems from wildlife, not managing wildlife. Prevention, habitat management and exclusion are preferred methods of  managing damage. Lethal take of wildlife must be humane and comply with local, state and federal laws.


This website was created by the National Wildlife Control Training Program  for  Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators.  You may study for the test using the material on this website or you can Click here to purchase a printed copy of the  Training Manual to prepare for the New York State NWCO license.

To get a New York NWCO license, you must pass the NY NWCO exam, complete the application, and pay the license fee. The New York State NWCO license authorizes you to act as an agent for a property owner or lessee. You must have a signed contract or written permission from that person stating that you have been hired to act as their agent to take nuisance wildlife on their property. You are allowed to take, temporarily possess, and transport any wildlife, except for those species detailed below, when that animal damages public or private property, or under conditions detailed in a permit issued by the DEC.

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This site contains an updated electronic version of a training manual created by the National Wildlife Control Training Program (NWCTP) for New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The PDF files for the original training manual, Best Practices for Nuisance Wildlife Control, are also on this site. (2004 BP  PDF)