2004 BP PDF Files

The best Practices Manual has been broken down into the discreet sections listed below. Each of the files is in PDF format. Click on the links to open the file and then save it to your hard drive or you can print out the sections in which you are interested.

Best Practices Chapter 1 (PDF file)

Chapter 2: Balancing the needs of people and wildlife  (PDF file)

Chapter 3: Legal issues  (PDF file)

Chapter 4: A common sense approach to safety on the job  (PDF file)

Chapter 5: Best practices: A step-by-step guide  (PDF file)

Chapter 6: Professionalism (PDF file)

Appendix A: Glossary of wildlife terms (PDF file)

Appendix B: Control tips for common nuisance species in New York (PDF file)


Bats Moles (star-nosed, hairy-taled, Eastern Skunk (striped)
Chipmunk Opossum Squirrels
Coyote Rabbit (Eastern cotton tail) Voles (pine and meadow)
Foxes Raccoon Woodchuck
Mice (house, white-footed, deer) Rat, Norway

Reptiles: Snakes (garter, milk, rat, and water snake, some information about those found statewide)

Birds: Pigeon; Starling, European

Appendix C: Beyond the routine: What to do when a customer calls with a complaint about protected wildlife species (PDF file)

Federally (and state) protected migratory birds

American crow Gulls
Canada geese Woodpeckers

Game species managed by the NYS DEC


Black bear Muskrat
Beaver Wild turkey
Deer, white-tailed

Appendix E: Resources (PDF file)